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We make sure you and your family get the care and support you need, from infancy through adulthood. Our team of freshly schooled resident doctors and experienced faculty physicians provide:Ken Knee

    • Comprehensive health care for infants, children and adults 
    • Maternity care from prenatal to delivery 
    • Women’s health care, including pap smears and family planning 
    • Health assessments and physicals 
    • Acute and chronic illness care 
    • Minor surgical procedures 
    • Nutrition counseling and weight management 
    • Mental health care 
    • Osteopathic manipulation therapy 
    • Care management and liaison for patients
    • Hospital and nursing home careVang OB
    • Home visits
    • Advance care planning
    • On-site laboratory
    • On-site x-ray
    • On-site OB ultrasound