Diversity, Inclusion and Advocacy

Diversity, Inclusion and Advocacy

Diversity and Inclusion

This program is proud to embrace diversity.  We know it makes our clinic, our community and our patients stronger and healthier.  We strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment for our patients, staff, residents and faculty.  We want every human being who steps into our care community to feel they can come as they are no matter their race, sexual orientation, physical abilities, country of origin, religion, gender identity, or ethnicity.

Our clinic and residency program have cared for vulnerable, underserved populations in our community since the inception of the residency program over 40 years ago.  Our goal is to recruit and train residents who are culturally competent, representative of the patients we serve, and passionate about growing their skills and knowledge in how best to provide holistic care for the patients and communities they serve now and in the future.  We value a holistic approach to recruitment, and have embraced efforts to reduce implicit bias in our recruitment processes.

Visit the Medical College of Wisconsin Office of Diversity and Inclusion website: https://www.mcw.edu/departments/office-of-diversity-and-inclusion


In an effort to best serve our diverse patients and our communities, our faculty and residents are actively engaged and involved in advocacy efforts at local, state and national levels.  Examples:

  • Active faculty and resident engagement in Medical College of Wisconsin’s work toward being an anti-racist organization
  • Town Board, City Council and County Board meetings
  • Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians legislative committee leadership
  • American Academy of Family Physicians advocacy efforts in Washington DC
  • Doctor Day at the Capitol (annual multispecialty effort; multiple residents attend)
  • Community committees
  • Educational presentations to school-age children
  • Community presentations